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BJU Press Fundamentals of Math Homeschool Kit Gr. 7

Christian-based Traditional Textbook Math for 7th Grade

  • A homeschool kit is available with TE, Student Text, Student Activities, Student Activities AK, Tests, and Tests Answer Key.
  • Bob Jones Fundamentals of Math, 2nd Ed. covers math concepts such as fractions, percents, probability, statistics, integers, and an intro to algebra.

Fundamentals Math Homeschool Kit

BJU Press Fundamentals of Math Homeschool Kit

Fundamentals of Math
Bob Jones
Homeschool Kit

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BJU Press Fundamentals of Math Homeschool Kit, 2nd Edition

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Item #bju264945

This kit includes one of each of the following BJU Press Fundamentals of Math (Second Edition) items:

  • Fundamentals of Math Teacher’s Edition with CD-ROM [#244228, ISBN-13: 9781591667216]
    • Reduced student pages with overprinted answers
    • Complete solutions to the math exercises
    • Additional math problems
    • One-on-one activities
    • Common student errors
    • Suggested schedules three tracks: minimum, standard, and extended.
    • CD with review games, visuals, and transparency-ready answers (which for homeschoolers could be printed out for viewing on paper.)
  • Fundamentals of Math Student Text [#515882, ISBN-13: 9781628560725]
    • Is a larger 8.5″ by 11″ paperback book. The larger size is a good change visually because it offers a more relaxed layout with larger font and figures.
    • Chapter Reviews
    • Chapters about whole numbers, decimals, number theory, fractions, rational numbers, percents, measurement, intro to geometry, area and volume, probability and statistics, integers, intro to algebra, relations and functions, and logic and set theory.
    • Each lesson has problems that focus on teaching in that lesson.
    • Most lessons have cumulative review problems at the end of the lesson exercises.
  • Fundamentals of Math Student Activities Manual [#262626, ISBN-13: 9781591669272]
    • Chapter and Cumulative reviews for each chapter
    • Additional practice
    • Remediation and enrichment activities
    • Calculator skills
  • Fundamentals of Math Student Activities Answer Key [#262634, ISBN-13: 9781591669289]
    • Has the answers to the Student Activities Manual.
  • Fundamentals of Math Tests [#218958, ISBN-13: 9781591663799]
    • The chapter tests and semester exams are consumable for one student.
    • Provide assessment opportunities and immediate feedback
    • Multiple quizzes for each chapter
  • Fundamentals of Math Tests Answer Key [#218941, ISBN-13: 9781591663805]
    • Has answers overprinted on exact copies of the student texts for easy grading.

Grade 7

List $247.82

Price $185.85

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