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BJU Press Pre-Algebra Homeschool Kit Grade 8

Transition from Arithmetic to Algebra in 8th Grade with Bob Jones Pre-Algebra Course

Topics include Integers, Expressions, Basic Equations and Inequalities, Number Theory, Rational Numbers, Operations on Rational Numbers, Percents, Applying Equations and Inequalities, Relations and Functions, Statistics and Probabilities, Radicals, Geometry, Area and Volume, and Polynomials.

Pre-Algebra Kit

BJU Press Pre-Algebra Homeschool Kit.

Pre-Algebra Homeschool Kit
Bob Jones

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BJU Press Pre-Algebra Home School Kit, 2nd Edition

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Item #bju271270

The BJU Press Pre-Algebra Homeschool Kit, 2nd Edition includes one of each of the following:

  • Pre-Algebra Teacher’s Edition with CD [#247460, ISBN-13: 9781591665472]  
    • Student pages with overprinted answers
    • Complete solutions for exercises
    • Additional problems
    • Activities
    • Common student errors
    • Suggested schedules three tracks: minimum, standard, and extended.
    • CD with Mathardy (review Game), visuals and transparency ready answers.
  • Pre-Algebra Student Text [#517060, ISBN-13: 9781628562910]  
    • With a larger size (8.5″ by 11″), the BJU Press Pre-Algebra Student Text is improved because it has a larger font, larger figures to show problems, and more roomy layout.
    • Each chapter has a review. Most lessons have cumulative review problems at the end of the exercises. The exercise problems for each lesson focus on problems relating to the lesson.
    • For the student who needs to work a lot of the same type of problems to master a lesson, this textbook is a good choice. With the review problems grouped at the end of the lesson and the chapter, your student will have enough review to keep previously learned pre-algebra concepts fresh.
    • It has a good mix of arithmetic review and new pre-algebra topics that will help prepare your student for algebra.
    • Softcover, non-consumable, 645 pages
  • Pre-Algebra Student Activities Manual [#247478, ISBN-13: 9781591667476]  
    • Chapter and cumulative reviews for each chapter
    • Biblical integration
    • Additional practice
    • Enrichment activities
    • Calculator skills
  • Pre-Algebra Student Activities Manual Teacher’s Edition with CD [#268565, ISBN-13: 9781591669999] Has the answers to the Student Activities Manual. The CD has complete solutions for the activities.
  • Pre-Algebra Tests [#233148, ISBN-13: 9781591665489] Include one consumable test for each chapter.
  • Pre-Algebra Tests Answer Key [#233106, ISBN-13: 9781591665496] Has answers overprinted on exact copies of each test for easy grading.

Grade 8

List $247.82

Price $185.85

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