BJU Press Math K5 Homeschool Kit 3rd Ed.

Manipulatives Help Students Understand Kindergarten Math Concepts

BJU Press recommends the 3rd Edition for homeschoolers.

Math Kindergarten Kit

BJU Press Math Kindergarten Kit.

Math Kindergarten Kit
BJU Press

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BJU Press Math K5 Kindergarten Homeschool Kit 3rd Edition

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

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BJU Press Math K5 3rd Edition teaches math interactively through the use of manipulatives to help students understand concepts. It has 160 lessons with 22 chapters.

  • The homeschool kit includes necessary components for one student and one teacher.
  • Teach math interactively with manipulatives.
  • Topics include number sense, addition, subtraction, measurement, time, money, and other math skills.
  • Review with chapter and cumulative reviews.
  • It is colorful but not overly busy.

The BJU Press Mathematics Math K5 Homeschool Kit, 3rd Edition contains one of each of the following:

  • Math K5 Teacher’s Edition and Toolkit CD [#211268, ISBN-13: 9781591662624]
    • Provides instructions for the use of manipulatives to introduce each new math concept.  
    • The student worktext pages are included with answers overprinted on each lesson.
    • Each chapter has an Overview, Review and Cumulative Review. 
    • The Teacher’s Toolkit CD includes reproducible pages, a Teacher’s Visual Packet, and 1-2-3 WRITE pages for additional number writing practice.
  • Math K5 Student Worktext [#211201, ISBN-13: 9781591662600]
    • Features a farm theme and farm characters.
    • It has two teacher-directed pages to review skills taught in the lesson.
    • Your student will develop an understanding of numbers and how they are used.
  • Math K5 Student Manipulatives Packet [#211219, ISBN-13: 9781591662648]
    • Contains workmats, animal counters, geometric shapes, and money used in the lessons. It also has Number Cards, Dot Pattern Cards, a Clock and Rulers.

Grade Kindergarten

List $133.34

Price $100.00

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