BJU Press Math 2 Homeschool Kit 3rd Edition

Traditional Complete Mathematics Course for 2nd Grade

Develop an understanding of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with Bob Jones Math 2, a Christian-based math course.

Math 2 Homeschool Kit

BJU Press Math 2 Math Kit 252676.

Math 2 Homeschool Kit 3E
Item #252676
BJU Press

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BJU Press Math 2 Homeschool Kit 3rd Edition

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Item # bju252676

Features of BJU Press Math 2:

  • Buy the homeschool kit with all the components for one student and one teacher for one year of homeschool math.
  • Each lesson includes practice and review activities.
  • At the end of each chapter, there are Chapter Review and Cumulative Review lessons.
  • It uses a spiral approach for reviewing math concepts, but we like it because most lessons cover one or two concepts.
  • The student text has colorful illustrations and examples but isn’t overly busy.
  • The number of problems on each page doesn’t overwhelm the student.
  • In the early grades, BJU Press math doesn’t progress as fast as other math programs such as Horizons or Saxon, the pace picks up in the upper elementary grades.
  • We like their gentle approach to primary math.
  • If the lessons are too easy for your student, then let them move faster.
  • The key here is to make sure your student masters each concept.
  • BJU Press is using the 3rd Edition for homeschoolers.

The BJU Press Math 2 Homeschool Kit, 3rd Edition, includes one of each item:

Teacher’s Edition with CD 3E [#224451, ISBN-13: 9781591667735]

  • Provides a Chapter Overview, materials list, teacher notes, and more.
  • Overprinted answers on copies of the student worktext pages make grading easier.
  • Teacher’s Toolkit CD included the reproducible pages from the Appendix, Fact Reviews, Reteaching pages, and Enrichment activities.
  • Answer Key for the Math 2 Reviews is also on the CD

Student Worktext, 3E [#281618, ISBN-13: 9781606822340]

  • You will need one for each student.
  • Reinforce the skills taught in each lesson.
  • For each lesson, two pages provide skills practice.
  • At the end of each chapter, there is a chapter review and cumulative review.
  • It is possible to use the chapter review in place of a test if you desire.
  • Each chapter has a To The Parents page to share concepts and facts the students have practiced. For homeschoolers, the child could give this page to grandparents as an opportunity for them to help their grandchild with math!

Student Manipulatives Packet, 3E [#224402, ISBN-13: 9781591664086]

  • Contains colorful manipulatives.
  • Helps your student have hands-on math experiences.
  • Includes workmats, beaver and construction worker counters, stick puppets, geometric shapes, a clock, rulers and thermometers.
  • Also, includes Number Cards, a Fraction Kit, a Money Kit, and a Place Value Kit and triangle flash cards for review of addition and subtraction facts.
  • We recommend keeping the Student Manipulatives in a large envelope once you punch them out.

Reviews Activity Book 3E [#224477, ISBN-13: 9781591664055]

  • It has two pages of review for each lesson.
  • The first page reviews concepts from the lesson.
  • The second page reviews concepts from previous lessons and provides facts practice.
  • Each chapter concludes with a Cumulative Review—Another opportunity to practice skills in a standardized testing format.

Math 2 Tests, 3E [#224410, ISBN-13: 9781591664093]

  • Consumable for one student.
  • There is a chapter test for each of the first 20 chapters.
  • Chapter tests will help you determine if your student is ready to move on or needs reteaching of the key concepts in the chapter. (That is where the Reviews Workbook will be very helpful.)
  • Mastering the material in each chapter is key to building a good foundation in math.

Test Answer Key, 3E [#224436, ISBN-13: 9781591664109] has an exact copy of each test with the answers overprinted for easy grading.

Second Grade

List $198.23

Price $148.65

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