BJU Press Math 1 Homeschool Kit 3rd Ed.

Study Traditional Math Topics By Chapter in 1st Grade

Compared to other first-grade math such as Horizons or Saxon, BJU Press math is a bit more laid back.

Math 1 Kit

BJU Press Math 1 Kit 241786

2417863rd Ed.
BJU Press
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BJU Press Math 1  Homeschool Kit 3E

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Item #bju241786

We like Bob Jones Math 1 because it is very important to lay a good foundation in math.

  • Take a longer time to make sure your student is well grounded.
  • You can go slowly and steadily and also work over the summer months on math if it takes longer for your student to grasp the concepts.
  • It is available in a homeschool kit with all the components for one student and one teacher.
  • BJU Press is using the 3rd Edition for homeschoolers.
  • Each lesson covers one concept of the chapter topic.
  • Within each chapter, there are opportunities for review of previously studied topics.
  • This is a great math program for the student who needs to study and master one topic at a time.
  • If your student works the lessons faster and finishes before the year is up, then go ahead and start grade 2 math.
    • Do what is best for your student.
    • The important thing is to master the material before moving on.

The Bob Jones Math 1 Homeschool Kit includes one of each of the following items:

  • Math 1 Teacher’s Edition 1 with CD 3E [#216184, ISBN-13: 9781591663218]  
    • Answers are overprinted on the Math 1 Student Worktext pages for easy grading.
    • Teacher’s Toolkit CD contains additional teaching helps.
    • Answer Key for the Math 1 Reviews is located on the Teacher’s Toolkit CD as well as reproducible pages from the Appendix of the Teacher’s Edition, Fact Reviews, and Enrichment pages.
  • Math 1 Student Worktext 1 3E [#216168, ISBN-13: 9781591663188]
    • Consumable. You will need one for each student. 
    • Each lesson has two work pages to provide skills practice,
    • At the end of each chapter, there is a chapter review and a cumulative review. It is possible to use the chapter review in place of a test if you desire.
  • Math 1 Student Manipulatives Packet 3E [#216234, ISBN-13: 9781591663256]
    • Has the manipulatives used in Math 1.
    • Contains workmats, seal and clown counters, geometric shapes, and money. It also has Number Cards, Dot Pattern Cards, a clock, rulers, a Fraction Kit, a Place Value Kit, and stick puppets.
  • Math 1 Reviews 1 3E [#216200, ISBN-13: 9781591663225]  
    • It has two pages of review for each lesson.
    • Concepts taught in the lesson are reviewed on the first page.
    • The second page reviews math facts and concepts from previous lessons.
    • Each chapter has a chapter review, cumulative reviews, and facts review page.
  • Math 1 Tests 1  3E [#216242, ISBN-13: 9781591663263] Includes tests for each chapter. The tests are consumable. 
  • Math 1 Test Answer Key 1 3E [#216259, ISBN-13: 9781591663270] Has a copy of each test with the answers overprinted for easy grading.

First Grade

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