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BJU Press Consumer Math Kit

Learn How To Make Wise Financial Decisions With A Complete Consumer Math Homeschool Kit

Do you need a high school math course that’s an alternative to Algebra, Advanced Math, or Calculus? Try this consumer math course from Bob Jones—with minimum, standard, and extended track suggestions.

BJU Press Consumer Math Kit

Consumer Math Homeschool Kit

Consumer Math Kit
BJU Press

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BJU Press Consumer Math Homeschool Kit 2nd Edition

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Item #bju221762

BJU Press Consumer Math Kit is a one-year complete traditional Christian-based consumer math course.

Prepare your student to make wise financial decisions with BJUP Consumer Math. Study lessons on budgeting, banking, interest, savings accounts, loans, and credit cards as well as the costs of transportation, food, clothing, housing, utilities, insurance, and vacations. Learn to be a good steward of the Lord’s money.

The Bob Jones Consumer Math Subject Kit includes one of each of the following:

  • Teacher’s Edition for Consumer Math [#189316 ISBN-13: 9781579248932]
    • Comes in two spiral bound volumes with teacher notes and problem solutions.
    • Student pages are printed in color the TE with the teacher helps and solutions in the side and bottom margins.
    • Offers alternate assignments for three tracks: Minimum, Standard, Extended.
  • Student Text for Consumer Math [#296806 ISBN-13: 9781606828113]
    • Lessons present concepts with examples and step-by-step explanations.
    • Each chapter has cumulative review problems and a chapter review.
  • Consumer Math Tests [#189290 ISBN-13: 9781579248949]
    • Includes quizzes, quarter exams and a test for each chapter.
  • Consumer Math Tests Answer Key [#189282 ISBN-13: 9781579248956]
    • Has overprinted answers over the tests for easy grading.

Grades 11-12

List $171.18

Price $128.65

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