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BJU Press British Literature

Traditional Literature Kit With a Christian Perspective for 12th Grade

The BJU Press British  Literature is a favorite course at Lamp Post Homeschool! The complete kits include the components for one student and one teacher. With a proven track record—over 30 years’ experience in publishing textbooks—you can trust courses from Bob Jones University Press.

British Literature Kit

BJU Press British Literature Kit.
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BJU Press British Literature Textbook Kit Updated 2nd Edition

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Item #bju208033

In twelfth grade, British Literature covers literature from the 700s to the present. It cultural issues from eight major literary periods considering Scripture: Old English, Middle English, Tudor, Stuart, Neoclassical, Romantic, Victorian, and Modern English.

The Bob Jones British Literature Textbook Kit for homeschool for grade 12 contains one of each of the following items.

British Literature Teacher’s Edition Updated 2nd Edition (#195842 ISBN-13: 9781579249526)

  • Includes full-sized student pages and provides specific analysis, discussion, and biblical application suggestions.
  • Offers suggested answers to discussion questions.

British Literature Student Text (#278424 ISBN-13: 9781579249540)
Traces English Christianity from its beginning to the present and studies the Shakespearean drama Macbeth and discusses literature selections and cultural issues from these literary periods considering Scripture:

  • Old English
  • Middle English
  • Tudor
  • Stuart
  • Neoclassical
  • Romantic
  • Victorian
  • Modern. 

British Literature Tests (#195859 ISBN-13: 9781579249540)

  • Contain questions and answers that draw directly from the textbook.
  • Question types include multiple-choice, short answer, matching, true/false, and brief essays.
  • Midterm and final exam are included.

British Literature Test Answer Key (#195867 ISBN-13: 9781579249557) 
For easy grading, it has overprinted answers on copies of the student test pages.

Grade 12

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