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BJU Press American Literature

Traditional Literature Kit With a Christian Perspective for 11th Grade

The BJU Press American Literature program is well done. These complete homeschool kits include the components for one student and one teacher. With a proven track record—over 30 years experience in publishing textbooks—you can trust courses from Bob Jones University Press. American Literature is a favorite at Lamp Post Homeschool!

American Literature Kit

BJU Press American Literature Kit.

American Literature Kit
BJU Press
Item #506154

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American Literature Homeschool Kit 11th Grade 3rd Edition

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Item #bju506154

BJU Press American Literature (3rd ed.) surveys the works of over seventy-five authors in a chronological study that connects their lives and beliefs as it reveals them in their writings.

Students will examine Colonial, Revolutionary, Romantic, Realistic/Naturalistic, Modern, and Contemporary periods and themes relevant to each period.

The kit includes one of each of the following items:

  • American Literature Teacher’s Edition (3rd ed.) (#295915 ISBN-13: 9781606827345)
    • Mirrors the reading process approach introduced in the Student Text
    • Each lesson plan follows a simple structure to focus on three strands of instruction: Before Reading, Teach, and After Reading.
    • Includes a Teacher’s Toolkit CD with additional content.
  • American Literature Student Text (#520296 ISBN-13: 9781606827338)
    Contains introductory essays for each unit providing an overview of the cultural and historical events and ideas influencing each literary period.  
    • They structure the instruction for the literature selections around the reading process approach.
    • Students will improve close-reading skills with questions during a reading that focus on the three strands of study: Analyze, Read, and Evaluate.
  • American Literature Tests (#295923 ISBN-13: 9781606827352) Contain questions and answers that draw directly from the textbook.
    • Question types include multiple-choice, short answer, matching, true/false, and brief essays.
    • Midterm and final exam are included.
  • American Literature Test Answer Key (#295949 ISBN-13: 9781606827369)
    For easy grading, it has overprinted answers on copies of the student test pages.

Grade 11

List $175.59

Price $131.65

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