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McGuffey Readers

Mott Media Republished the 1830s Version of the Original McGuffeys

The McGuffey Readers Set contains the original Christian content. Approximate grade levels are listed for each of the books; however, since reading is best taught individually, how the child progresses through the series will depend on the reading skills of the student.

7-Volume Set

McGuffey Readers Set without Teacher.

McGuffey Readers Set
(Books only, does not include Parent-Teacher Guide.)

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McGuffey Readers 7-Volume Set (does not include Parent-Teacher Guide)

By William McGuffey, Publisher: Mott Media

ISBN-13: 9780880620147

From the publisher’s marketing information:

“Learning to read the McGuffey way offers a phonics foundation, moral growth, and a rich vocabulary. McGuffey’s first concern in teaching reading was that the content should promote moral growth and excellence of mind in habits, attitudes, and literary tastes. He believed in phonics for beginning reading and that methods and timing should be adapted to the individuality of each child. McGuffey also believed in memorizing as a way to develop habits of attention that promote understanding and mastery of all learning, even those studies which are not memorized. He believed that an obvious result of a cultivated mind is a wide vocabulary. The best way to cultivate a wide vocabulary is to learn words in their context, as in studying the important ideas and noble thoughts presented in the McGuffy Readers.”

The McGuffey Readers seven volume set includes:

  • Primer 9780880620185
    Begins with the alphabet; moves to simple one-syllable words such as cat and fox. It progresses to more difficult one-syllable words such as horse and spring. This hardback is illustrated with the original drawings and has 60 pages.
  • Pictorial Primer 9780880620017
    Begins with the alphabet. In early lessons, there are simple three- and four-word sentences of one line each. It progresses to longer sentences and full paragraphs. The original illustrations are included. It is a hardback with 133 pages. Both the Primer and this Pictorial Primer can be used in first and second grades.
  • First Reader 9780880620024
    Most of the words are phonetically regular and a few have silent letters. The words get as hard as “would” and “stalked” and “engaged.” It includes stories of children who want to please God and who love to learn. It is a hardback with 153 pages. The First Reader is used in the second and third grades.
  • Second Reader 9780880620031
    Begins with one- and two-syllable words and moves to more difficult words. It contains stories on the Bible, American history, manners, animals, courage, honesty, God, and the love of reading.  It is a hardback with 242 pages. It covers approximately third grade through fifth-grade reading levels.
  • Third Reader 9780880620048
    “Develops thinking skills and the richer vocabulary of grades six through eight. It contains works by famous authors such as Addison, Irving, and Byron. The readings “address questions such as how we know the Bible is from God; character-building topics such as work versus idleness; and topics of science and nature. This book is an education in itself and not merely a reader. After mastering this, the student is reading better than most high school students.” It is a hardback with 256 pages.
  • Fourth Reader 9780880620055
    “Develops advanced vocabulary and thinking skills.” It “introduces some of the greatest English authors – Webster, Jefferson, Shakespeare, Johnson, Schiller, and others. Students will read of Napoleon and Wilberforce, of Jesus and the Apostle Paul. They will ponder death, good and evil, the Bible, eternity, duty, and God. Elocution helps included.” It is a hardback with 422 pages. It may be used at high school level, although some schools use it with good readers in junior high.
  • Progressive Speller 9780880620000
    Written by the brother of William McGuffey, it is called the Progressive Speller because it begins with basic phonics and progresses to advanced vocabulary. It is a hardback with 142 pages.

Mix of hardcover and softcover books in a slipcase.

List $106.99

Price $99.99

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