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BJU Press Phonics and English 1 Kit First Grade

Teach Phonics and English At Home With A Complete Christian-based Homeschool Kit for 1st Grade

Everything you need for one student and one teacher is in the complete kit. [Features…]

Phonics and English 1 Kit

BJU Press Phonics & English 1 Kit.

Phonics and English 1
Homeschool Kit 4th Ed.
BJU Press

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BJU Press Phonics and English 1 Homeschool Kit 4th Ed.

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

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Features of  BJU Press Phonics and English 1 Curriculum

  • Combines listening and speaking skills, phonics, reading for comprehension, English grammar, writing sentences and paragraphs, and biblical worldview shaping.
  • Work alongside your student with one-on-one instruction.
  • Presents the biblical worldview goal of viewing language as a gift from God to be used for His glory and to love and serve others.
  • Has 180 lessons in the course.
  • Presents language skills as essential tools for oral and written communication.
  • Study Phonics and English 1 with well-designed and visually pleasing student workbooks.
  • Best of all they are priced economically, especially for families.
  • BJU Press Phonics and English 1 Kit is a Christian-based traditional curriculum.
  • NOTE: Please note that this kit is not compatible with BJU Press video courses.

The BJU Press Phonics and English 1 

Included in the Bob Jones Phonics and English 1 Subject Kit (4th Edition) are one each of the following:

BJU Press Phonics and English 1 Teacher’s Edition 2-Volume Set (#507137 ISBN-13: 9781628562613)

  • Includes six units with a total of 180.
  • Each unit begins with a biblical worldview shaping lesson on one or more of the four language skills.
  • Include a speaking or listening activity that will create interest in many of the lessons.
  • Begins phonics instruction with a review that transitions into various activities including phonemic awareness training, word building, word family review, words in the context of sentences, and practice with high-frequency words.
  • Develops grammar and sentence structure skills, strengthening the student’s ability to communicate accurately and clearly in the English lessons.
  • Guides the student through the five steps of the writing process in the writing lessons—gradually releases responsibility for those steps to your student.
  • Teacher resources section provides print material for instruction, practice, review, writing process support, and assessment.
  • Spiral bound, 1024 pages

Student Worktext for Phonics and English 1 (#507103 ISBN-13: 9781628562576)

  • Introduce a biblical worldview shaping focus at the beginning of each unit with an illustration and activity page.
  • Extends guided practice taught in each lesson with colorful, engaging pages.
  • Reviews related concepts and practices lesson objectives.
  • Includes an activity that reinforces the new phonics skill, often in the context of decoding and reading comprehension.
  • Practices grammar and sentence skills.
  • Provides individual pages for the five steps of the writing process.
  • Provide opportunities for formative assessment in the worktext pages.
  • Softcover, 416 pages

Phonics and English 1 Activities (4th ed.) (#507111 ISBN-13: 9781628562606)

  • Provides independent practice for each lesson.
  • Practices the main skills taught in the lesson on the front page.
  • Provides a spiral review of previous lessons and may be used for assessment.
  • Includes Let’s Check pages for summative assessment.
  • Softcover, 400 pages

Grade 1

List $160.55

Price $120.40

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