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BJU Press Writing and Grammar 10 Kit

Teach writing and grammar at home with a complete Homeschool Kit

We like the changes in BJU Press Writing and Grammar 10—a traditional Christian-based English course for 10th grade. A strong writing and composition program is now even better by placing most of the instructional material in the student text. [Features…]

Writing & Grammar 10 Kit

Writing and Grammar 10 Kit.

Writing and Grammar 10 Homeschool Kit

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BJU Press English Writing & Grammar 10 Homeschool Kit, 4th Ed.

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Item #298026

Bob Jones Writing & Grammar 10 teaches grammatical and usage principles. Exercises provide opportunities to apply what they learn.

Features of  English: Writing and Grammar 10

  • Now the instructing parent can work alongside the student.
  • If the student is more independent, then “just give me the material, and I’ll read it and figure it out, Mom!”
  • Well designed visually
  • Priced economically, especially for families who plan to use it with other students.
  • Bob Jones Writing and Grammar 10 is a Christian-based English course.

The Writing and Grammar 10 4th Ed. Homeschool Kit includes one of each of the following items.

Writing & Grammar 10 Teacher’s Edition with CD  (#296566, ISBN-13: 9781606828069) features:

  • Reduced pages of the student workbook with overprinted answers
  • Lesson plan overview
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Teacher’s Toolkit CD contains reproducibles and answer keys for diagnostic pretests, extra practice activities, instructional helps for ESL students, worksheets for writing assignments, and rubrics to simplify the grading of compositions

W & G 10 Student Worktext  (#522458, ISBN-13: 9781628568868)

  • Grammar and usage instruction with practice activities.
  • Writing assignments are in most chapters and include:
    • A Persuasive speech
    • An Editorial
    • An Eyewitness Report
    • A Research Essay
    • A Cause and Effect Essay
    • A Short Story
    • Poetry
    • A Webpage Design

WG 10 Tests  (#296574, ISBN-13: 9781606828076)
Help test student understanding of the lesson content with a variety of question types.

Writing & Grammar 10 Tests Answer Key  (#296590, ISBN-13: 9781606828083)
For easy grading, answers are overprinted on a copy of each student test

Grade 10

List $144.38

Price $108.35

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