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2017 Journeys Homeschool Package Kindergarten

Complete Multimedia English Language Arts Kit For Kindergarten

The award-winning Journeys English Language Arts K print and digital curriculum is available now for homeschooling—in a secular-based program. Features…]

Journeys K ELA Package

2017 Journeys K Homeschool Package.

Journeys K Kit
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN-13: 9780358062349
Grade Kindergarten

List $173.40

Price $129.99

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2017 Journeys Homeschool Package for Kindergarten

Features of Journeys K Homeschool Package

The HMH Journeys Homeschool Package for Kindergarten includes the following components.

The Journeys K Teacher Resources include:
Digital 1-year subscription
• Interactive Teacher Resource
• Downloadable Teacher Resource

Print Materials

• StA Teacher Edition
• Reader’s Notebook Teacher Guide
• Writing Handbook Teacher Guide
• Instructional Card Kit
• Unit Big Books

• Literacy and Language Guide
• Benchmark and Unit Tests Teacher Key
• Standardized Assessment Resource
• Intervention Teacher Resource
• Intervention Assessment

The Journeys K Student Resources include:

Digital 1-year subscription
• Interactive Student Resource
• Downloadable Student Resource

Print Materials
• StA Student Set
• Benchmark & Unit Tests (consumable)

List $173.40

Price $129.99

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