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2017 Journeys English Language Arts~Grades K-6

Print Components For Complete ELA Kindergarten to Sixth Grade

The award-winning Journeys English Language Arts is a secular-based ELA program.

NOTE: Journeys K-6 Homeschool Packages were discontinued in 2020 and no longer availableHowever, some of the print components are still available for separate purchase. Digital components are only available for schools. [Features…]

2017 Journeys Kindergarten.

Kindergarten ELA
Journeys K

2017 Journeys 1.

1st Grade ELA
Journeys 1

2017 Journeys 2.

2nd Grade ELA
Journeys 2

2017 Journeys 3.

3rd Grade ELA
Journeys 3

2017 Journeys 4.

4th Grade ELA
Journeys 4

2017 Journeys 5.

5th Grade ELA
Journeys 5

2017 Journeys 6.

6th Grade ELA
Journeys 6

My View Literacy homeschool bundles K-5

Please consider this alternative to Journeys.

Program Overview—Journeys for Kindergarten to Grade 6

“Journeys is a K–6 comprehensive, research-based English Language Arts program from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. It is built on the foundation of the proven Journeys instructional design. Students are empowered by skill mastery, inspired by authentic, award-winning text, and are confident—confident in their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, confident in their ability to analyze complex text, and confident that they are building the skills they need for college and careers.”

According to the publisher, the 2017 Journeys reading program aligns with the Common Core State Standards.

Features of Journeys 2017 English Language Arts:


  • Phonemic Awareness—Each lesson starts with daily phonemic awareness.
  • Systemic Phonics Instruction
    • Includes explicit modeling, guided practice, and application.
    • High-quality decodable texts reinforce every phonics skill.
    • Catch misunderstandings while teaching and reinforcing learning.
  • Reteaching and Intervention
    • Differentiated small group lessons that use the gradual-release model to reinforce skills.
    • All-in-one Teacher’s Edition includes daily Tier II Intervention lessons.
  • Additional Resources
    • Alphafriends cards
    • Sound/Spelling Cards
    • Letter, Word, and Picture Cards
    • Blend-It Books
    • iRead Letter Videos


  • Model and Guide
    • Annotate It strategies are point-of-use best practices for utilizing technology in text analysis.
    • Close Reading includes a first read to Think Through the Text and a second read to Analyze specific parts of the Text.
    • Dig Deeper explains how to think through answering the Analyze the Text questions and helps teach deep comprehension.
    • Questions written at high Depth of Knowledge levels save time.
    • Independent Reading
      • Use the Reader’s Guide to analyze the text independently
      • Independent reading in a self-selected trade book.
  • Practice and Apply
    • Consumable, complex worktext for each lesson.
    • Provides guidance for close reading through reading, rereading, and annotating instruction.
    • Students answer questions and make notes at the point of use in the Student eBook.


  • Teach and Practice writing to sources
    • After each Anchor Text, students use the evidence they gathered to craft a story, explain a statement, or support a claim.
    • Compare Texts requires students to use information from multiple sources to craft a story, explain a statement, or support a claim.
  • Putting It All Together: Performance Tasks
    • Unit- and Lesson-level Research and Media tasks provide instruction and practice in short and extended research.
    • Performance Tasks provide step-by-step guidance in analyzing and synthesizing complex texts before writing a response.
  • Digital Support
    • myWriteSmart allows students to compose, edit, and submit writing and performance tasks in a collaborative, digital tool. 
    • Interactive Lessons provide independent, learner-led digital tutorials and practice to support critical writing skills. 


  • Journeys Leveled Readers
    • Irene Fountas designed Journeys lesson plans and precisely leveled the texts for students.
    • Leveled Readers include a variety of informational and literary texts.
    • Leveled Reader Teacher Guides show teachers what makes each level of text complex or challenging to help them
      meet students’ needs.
    • A running record form for each title allows teachers to monitor students’ reading behaviors and track their growth.
  • HMH Readers App
    • HMH Readers App allows students to hold a whole book room in their hands.
    • Teachers can easily search for texts by level and inspire students to read independently and in small groups with an engaging format.
    • Available for Android and Apple.
  • Literacy and Language Guide contains
    • Leveled Reader Database
    • Read Alouds
    • Writing Mini-lessons
    • Comprehension Mini-lessons
    • Word Study


  • All-In-One Instructional Support with easy-to-locate instructional support for all areas of literacy included in the Student Book.
    • Vocabulary
    • Comprehension
    • Speaking and Listening
    • Grammar
    • Writing
  • Student eBook allows the purposeful integration of digital resources as a natural part of instruction and practice.
    • Teacher direction guides when students highlight and take notes as a natural part of instruction.
    • Add words to myWordList directly from the Vocabulary page.
    • Highlight and annotate while reading and save the comments to myNotebook.
    • Record conversations about the text.
    • Complete skills practice right from the Student eBook.

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All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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