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Switched-On Schoolhouse Spanish 1 & 2 Course on USB 9780740338304

Learn Spanish from Alpha Omega with Switched-On USB Flash Drive!

Coming June 14!

Due to discontinuing the Flash Player by Adobe, all Switched-On Schoolhouse on USB products are being upgraded and are temporarily unavailable for sale at this time. The publisher, Alpha Omega Publications, says SOS to be available to order again on June 14, 2021. Thank you for your patience.

If you want a two-year Spanish course for grades 7-12, try Switched-on Schoolhouse Spanish 1 & 2 (now combined).

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Spanish 1 & 2

Switched-on Schoolhouse Spanish 1-2 on USB.

Spanish 1 & 2 Combined
Switched-on Schoolhouse on USB Item #uSOSSP

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Switched-on Schoolhouse Spanish 1 & 2 on USB Flash Drive

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Item #uSOSSP

Switched-On Schoolhouse Spanish includes Spanish 1 and Spanish 2!

In Switched-on Spanish 1, student’s will develop and enhance speaking skills with colorful, creative lessons.

  • Exclusively designed for engagement and interaction, this course for grades 7-12 builds confidence as student’s practice dialogue.
  • Lessons covered: We’re Going to Mexico, Personal Information, Flight to Mexico, We Need Help, and Are We There Yet?
  • Filled with helpful learning techniques like interactive games and audio text, SOS Spanish I gives student’s a solid foundation of the Spanish language.
  • Hear Spanish speakers pronounce vocabulary words and verb tenses.
  • After completing this ten-unit course, student’s will be able to ask and answer basic questions and respond to simple statements.

Advance Your Spanish Skills!

Switched-on Schoolhouse Spanish 2 for grades 7-12 is packed with easy-to-grasp, self-explanatory lessons for your student.

  • This fully-automated course uses common words found in everyday situations to give student’s applicable skills and language familiarity.
  • Covers fun, prevalent subjects like Study Spanish Every Day, Plan a Career, Tourism, Cuisine, and How Do They Live?
  • SOS Spanish II focuses on increasing language skills by teaching advanced Spanish grammar, such as parts of speech.
  • After completing this ten-unit course, student’s will be able to read, write, and listen to more complex structures.
  • Study Spanish cultural heritage.

View Spanish 1 & 2 Scope and Sequence.

Grades 7 to 12.

Price $149.95

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