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Switched-On Schoolhouse Courses on USB Flash Drive Overview

Features, Benefits, and Systems Requirements for SOS

  • Due to discontinuing the Flash Player by Adobe, all Switched-On Schoolhouse on USB products are being upgraded and are temporarily unavailable for sale at this time.
  • The publisher, Alpha Omega Publications, expects SOS to be available by May, 2021.
  • Thank you for your patience.

Switched-On Schoolhouse Requirements

How to Set Up Switched-On Schoolhouse on USB Flash Drive

Reasons to Choose Switched-On Schoolhouse Curriculum for Grades 3 to 12

  • Reasons to Use Switched-On Schoolhouse Check out the reasons to use Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum. Every year Switched-On Schoolhouse gets better and easier to use for student and teacher.
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  • Advanced Lesson Planning-Customize and edit quickly.
  • Assignment Screens-Student screen shows the assignments. Parent screen allows editing of the assignments.
  • Automatic Grading-About 85% of the assignments are graded and recorded with the click of the mouse.
  • Automatic Curriculum Updates-Course revisions are automatically updated via the internet. Or you can request update CD.
  • Bible Translation Options-Include choice of KJV or NAS Bible.
  • Book Reports-For grades 3 to 8 for enrichment.
  • Built-in Global Calendar-Customize your calendar to meet your schedule. (Block out dates for holidays, field trips, etc.)
  • Custom Curriculum-Combine, add, remove units and assignments.
  • Electronic Flash Cards-To build your homeschool student’s vocabulary
  • Historical Timelines-A click on a linked date in the lesson takes your student to a timeline where the topic is shown on a timeline.
  • Individual Weekday Scheduling-Ability to choose which days of the week a subject will be assigned.
  • Instant Audio Feedback-Allows positive reinforcement immediately when a student answers a question.
  • Language Building Games – Moon Match, Vocabulocity, and Spelling Bee
  • Math Games – Flash cards, math drill games, and Operantics (to improve mental math skills)
  • Message Center-Internal message system between student and parent/teacher.
  • Multimedia and Learning Activities-Extras to reinforce learning.
  • Personal Journal-Your student can keep a personal journal.
  • Practice Lessons-Teach your student how to use the Switched-On Schoolhouse program.
  • Printing Options-Print entire assignments, lessons, vocabulary lists, problems, and records from your printer.
  • Resource Center-Helpful resources.
  • Student Mode-Allows student to customize homepage and other options.
  • Text-to-Speech-Highlight the text and it is read aloud. Reading voice options are available.
  • Videos-Educational videos enhance lessons.
  • Zero Out Option-If you need to give a zero grade

Switched-On Schoolhouse Courses at Lamp Post Homeschool

Switched-On USB Requirements.

System Requirements

Switched-On Bible on USB.

SOS Bible

Switched-On History & Geography on USB.

SOS History

Switched-On Schoolhouse Science on USB Flash Drive Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

SOS Science

Switched-On Language Arts USB.

SOS Language Arts

Switched-On Math on USB.

SOS Math

Switched-On Electives USB.

SOS Electives

5-Subject Sets for Switched-On USB.

SOS 5-Subject Sets

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