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BJU Press Footsteps for Fours Kit

Biblically-based Lessons & Hands-on Learning Activities for Preschoolers

Footsteps for Fours presents an active, hands-on learning environment in a complete homeschool kit. It is available as a set with a Teacher’s Edition, an Activity Packet, a Writing Packet, a set of Practice Cards, a Phonics Packet, and a Teacher’s Visuals Packet. [Features…]

K4 Preschool Kit

BJU Press Footsteps for Fours Homeschool Kit.

Footsteps for Fours Kit

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Footsteps for Fours Homeschool Kit 3rd Edition

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

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Footsteps for Fours program encourages four-year-old students to love learning.

Features of BJU Press Footsteps for Fours

  • Explores foundational skills in daily phonics, pre-reading, and math lessons.
  • Gives young learners opportunities to explore their world with age-appropriate music, science, language arts, social studies, and handwriting segments.
  • This five-day program includes options for full- or half-day structures.
  • Offers flexibility for all types of learners at all stages of learning.
  • Provides interactive options for teaching through songs, activities, and games.

The BJU Press Footsteps for Fours Homeschool Kit includes one of each of the following items:

Footsteps for Fours Teacher’s Edition (ISBN-13: 9781628563801) The four-volume teacher edition incorporates phonics, pre-reading, and math lessons as well as segments teaching skills in language arts, handwriting, social studies, and science.

  • Center ideas and music, art, and cooking activities are integrated into the lessons.
  • Making Sounds Make Sense helps the teacher by introducing letter-sounds.
  • Step Write Up engages the children in group writing experiences.
  • Eager Beavers sections offers teaching guides for advanced students.
  • Music with Honey develops rhythm, coordination, and music awareness skills.

Spiral 1536 pages
Grade Level K4

Footsteps for Fours Activity Packet (3rd Edition) (ISBN-13: 9781628565980) The student activity packet includes worksheets correlating with lessons in the teacher edition and helps make learning fun for preschoolers.

  • These colorful pages contain a wide variety of activities to develop hand-eye coordination and gross and fine motor skills.
  • Also included in the packet are Eager Beaver booklets for advanced students, letter-sounds review cards, number and letter review cards, and three sheets of stickers.

Softbound 192 pages
Grade Level K4

Footsteps for Fours Writing Packet (3rd Edition) (ISBN-13: 9781628565997) Provides tracking and tracing opportunities for preschoolers in order to help them develop fine motor skills required for writing.

  • The worksheets are colorful and engaging.
  • As their skills develop, the preschoolers will learn to trace and track letters of the alphabet.
  • For advanced students, the packet also includes pages for the practice of actual letter writing.

Softbound 136 pages
Grade Level K4

Footsteps for Fours Practice Cards (3rd Edition) (ISBN-13: 9781628565973) The practice cards are durable teaching aids each student will use for recognizing and making alphabet letters and sounds, numbers 0–10, dot patterns, and shapes and colors for instruction and review.

Format – Card stock with 51 cards
Grade Level K4

Footsteps for Fours Visuals Homeschool Packet (3rd Edition) (ISBN-13: 9781628566017)

  • The teaching visuals enhance the lessons as the teacher guides discussions and introduces new concepts.
  • The packet includes 8.5” x 10.87” cards that teach colors, shapes, months, dot patterns, clocks, money, seasons, and patriotic symbols.
  • The birthday train, 100-day counting line, sequencing cards, and family and friends stick puppets help make learning fun!

Format – Card stock
Grade Level K4

Phonics Charts and Teaching Tree Homeschool Packet (3rd Edition) (ISBN-13: 9781628566000)

  • The phonics packet includes age-appropriate 8.5” x 10.87” photos and art for Handwriting Charts, Alphabet Teaching Cards, Alphabet Song Chart, and 26 Phonics Song Charts.
  • The interactive four-season teaching tree helps introduce concepts and is used regularly with lessons and teaching segments.
  • Supplemental pieces can be used to cover weather, math, and letters.

Format – Card stock
Grade Level K4

Scope and Sequence

Scope & Sequence~Footsteps for Fours

Units include:

Unit 1: The Sidewalk to My House
Unit 2: Neighborhood Streets
Unit 3: Going Places in Books
Unit 4: Along Autumn Trails
Unit 5: Paths Long Ago
Unit 6: Step by Step in Science
Unit 7: Sparkling Streets
Unit 8: Footsteps in the Snow
Unit 9: March across the Country
Unit 10: Cowboy Boots and Clown Shoes
Unit 11: Following Animal Tracks
Unit 12: Between the Garden Rows
Unit 13: Dusty Barefoot Paths

Grade Level – K4

List $312.50

Price $234.35

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