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Biblical Basics for Kindergarten 9870890519516

A One-Year Christian Based Bible Curriculum

  • Study math, science, language arts, and art with hands-on activities in Biblical Basics for Kindergarten.
  • Take a journey through creation with lessons that include singing, Scripture memory, fun activities, and more.
  • Read children’s books that reinforce the creation message.
  • Easy-to-use Teacher Gide has a daily calendar plus b&w copies of six of the books used in the course.
  • It’s a 36-week Christian-based course that covers basic kindergarten skills.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Biblical Basics Kindergarten Set
Biblical Basics Kindergarten Set 9780890519516

Biblical Basics Kindergarten Set

Publisher: Master Books, an imprint of New Leaf Publishing, Inc.

ISBN-13: 9870890519516

The Master Books Biblical Basics Kindergarten Set is a complete kindergarten program that includes one of each of the following items:

Each of these books is available separately by clicking on that link!

Additional books used in the course are included in the Teacher Guide in b&w versions.

Grade: Kindergarten

List $78.96

Price $58.43

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Biblical Basics Kindergarten TG

Biblical Basics Kindergarten Teacher 9780890519509
Biblical Basics Kindergarten Teacher Guide 9780890519509

Biblical Basics Kindergarten Teacher Guide

Publisher: Master Books, New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc.

ISBN-13: 9780890519509

The Biblical Basics for Kindergarten Teacher Guide is easy-to-use with everything you need to teach this course.


  • Weekly Lesson Schedule
  • Activities
  • Worksheets
  • Supply List
    Included within the TG in black and white are these books:
    (Those marked with an * are also available for purchase separately as full-color eBooks to download.)

    • The Tiny Book*—Rhyming book emphasized that tiny things are special.
    • The Big Book*—Rhyming book emphasizes the big things in life like mountains, redwood trees, deserts, and oceans.
    • Bombus, The Bumblebee—Read the story of Bombus and learn how God made bumblebees special.
    • Bombus Finds a Friend—Bombus continues his adventures and learns about respect and helping a friend.
    • The Day the World Went Wacky*—Rhyming book retells the story of Genesis 3.
    • Noah’s Floating Animal Park*—Helps kids understand Noah’s flood and the spiritual lesson it teaches us.
  • Permission to copy reproducible pages for your homeschool family or up to 10 students.
  • Softcover with 363 pages

Download Previews

Grades: Kindergarten

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Creation Thirteen 6-in-1 Comprehensive Curriculum Lessons
Creation 9780890515662

Creation: Thirteen 6-in-1 Comprehensive Curriculum Lessons

By David and Helen Haidle & Mary A. Hake, Publisher: Master Books

ISBN-13: 9780890515662

For first to fourth graders, Creation has 13 integrated fun-filled lessons about creation.

It was designed as a supplement to your regular curriculum. It is very flexible and a variety of schedules are offered. For example, you can take a week to work through each lesson and finish the book in 13 weeks. Or you can do 3-4 lessons per week and finish in four weeks.

There are activities for math, English, science, art, and spelling as well as physical activities. The lessons are formatted in a similar manner with a list of needed materials at the beginning.

It also encourages character development for traits such as faith, trustworthiness, thankfulness, and diligence.

When scriptures are used, you are given the reference to look it up in your Bible. This will help your children to learn how to look up verses in the Bible.

Grades: 1 to 4, this can be used to supplement your regular homeschool program, as a VBS curriculum, or as a Sunday School course for one quarter.

Price $13.99

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The Creation Story for Children

The Creation Story for Children 9780890515655
The Creation Story for Children 9780890515655

The Creation Story for Children

By Helen Haigle, Illustrated by David Haigle and Cheri Bladholm, Publisher: Master Books

ISBN-13: 9780890515655

Scriptures are used from Genesis 1 and 2 and from Psalm 139 (KJV) are used in the Creation Story for Children.

This is a beautifully illustrated book that tells young children about creation. The authors tell the story using scripture on the top paragraph of the page. A second paragraph points out unique things about that part of creation. Sometimes there are questions for some discussion.

The second part of the book talks about God’s amazing creatures. That is fun for any young child.

Then in the third part of the Creation Story for Children, the authors focus on the uniqueness of each child from the first person (me) perspective. For example, God formed me.

Use this at home with your young children to teach the creation story or use it in Sunday school or children’s church for a short study.

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Not So Super Skyscraper

The Not So Super Skyscraper 9780890515778
The Not So Super Skyscraper 9780890515778

The Not So Super Skyscraper

By Janine Suter, Illustrated by Richard Gunther, Publisher: Master Books an imprint of New Leaf Publishing, Inc.

ISBN-13: 9780890515778

The Not So Super Skyscraper tells the story of the Tower of Babel. Find out why everyone on Earth is actually related and how different nationalities came to be—With colorful illustrations and entertaining rhymes.

Price $9.99

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