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BJU Press Bible Truths Level C Homeschool Kit 9th Grade

Lessons from the Early Church Examines the Early Church in Bible Truths Level C Kit

A Teacher’s Edition, Student Worktext, Tests, and Tests Answer Key comes in the Bob Jones Bible Truths C Homeschool Kit with components for one student and one teacher.

Bible Truths C Kit

BJU Press Bible Truths C Kit.

Bible Truths C Kit 4th Edition
Publisher: BJU Press
(Bob Jones University Press)
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Bible Truths C Kit: Lessons from the Early Church, 4th Edition

  • Study the book of Acts and the early epistles of Paul (Romans, Galatians, Corinthians, and Thessalonians).
  • Has 56 sections for a two-semester course for the 9th grade.
  • Two to three lessons will be studied each week
  • Students are encouraged to:
    • Read the Bible
    • Memorize key scriptures
    • Apply the teachings to their lives
  • Based on the authorized King James version of the Bible.

The BJU Press Bible Truths C Kit: Lessons from the Early Church includes one of each of the following items.

  • Teacher’s Edition (#292300 ISBN-13: 9781606825631) The Level C Teacher’s Edition with CD, 4th Edition features:
    • Unit Overviews
    • Detailed daily lesson plans
    • Has reduced-size student pages printed in color with answers to questions in red.
    • Teacher helps are printed in the outside and bottom margins.
    • Lesson Objectives
    • An outline of each lesson.
    • Suggested teaching schedules
    • Teacher’s Toolkit CD has teaching aids and more helps.
  • Student Worktext (#291682 ISBN-13: 9781606825617) The Bible Truths C Student Text 4th Edition features:
    • Unit Openers
    • Scripture Focus Box in each section has:
      • Assigned Scripture passages to read
      • Scriptures to memorize
      • Definitions of new terms
    • Exercises to reinforce learning
    • Maps, art, photographs
    • Critical thinking questions
  • Tests (#292334 ISBN-13: 9781606825648) In the Bible Truths C Tests 4th Edition, there are tests with a variety of questions to evaluate progress.
  • Tests Answer Key (#292318 ISBN-13: 9781606825655) The Bible Truths C Test Answer Key 4th Edition has:
    • Answers overprinted on a copy of the test for easy grading.
    • Page numbers reference where the content is in the Bible Truths Level C Student Text.

List $137.54

Price $103.15

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